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Her touch, always pleasurable and gentle, is at first a learning touch…questioning and exquisitely diagnostic. As the lesson progresses, it becomes a knowledgeable touch, intentional and precise, curative and educative.

As a practitioner, Suzi is unique in her ability to create awareness in the student…to inform not only body and brain, but cognitive mind as well, through a few potent and carefully chosen words that facilitate comprehension, options for change, and sustainable learning.

Abigail Natenshon

Suzi Marks is a fantastic ABM practitioner. I believe she was born to do this work. The lessons are not simply "work" or a means of livelihood for her. My 15 month old son Samir has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and we have been seeing Suzi for a couple of months.

We turned to ABM after 15 months of traditional PT did not yield any positive results. After 15 months of regular PT my son still had no head control and was not able to roll onto his belly. He moved only by tightening his flexors and rigidifying everything!

Almost immediately, during and after the first set of 6 lessons with Suzi, I noticed that Samir's fingers began to open and his hands were less fisted. He started making more was sounds and was eating like crazy.

As we continued with his first set of 6 lessons, he rolled onto his belly. He began using his lower back and less of his flexors all the time. He began slight pushing movements with his feet and slapping the table with one of his hands. He started doing intentional movement to his more difficult side.

As we continued taking lessons from other ABM practitioners and Suzi, we noticed more improvements in his head control, better engagement of back. On his belly he now comes up on his elbows and forearms and can move himself forward a tiny bit. Per his daycare teacher, Samir has been rolling more and he is twisting and wiggling "all over" to get himself around the room.

Suzi takes the time to explain the basics of ABM and what she is doing in any given course of action. It all makes sense to me and to Samir, he feels himself now. She always takes the time to hold your hand and walk you through the ups and downs of the journey. I have no doubt that Samir will continue to progress given all the effort Suzi has been putting into his development.

Feldenkrais and The Anat Baniel Method has changed my life. It has proven to me that by first learning how to move using small, subtle movements I now can move freer without pain when I do larger movements. Anyone can be helped if you are willing to pay attention and stay with the process regularly.


I’ve experienced tremendous improvement since I began working with Suzi Marks about three years ago. Group classes and private sessions have helped me learn to “feel” my body and move functionally. Thanks to Suzi, I move more comfortably, I’m more relaxed and I no longer injure myself working out. Suzi has been very helpful in helping me eliminate back pain, shoulder stiffness, tingling in my foot and the like. Suzi is an outstanding resource. She’s incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, warm and friendly. The community she’s built at Mindful Movement is vibrant, supportive and healing.

Carole S.

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