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Amy Pena
Amy Pena
Certified Gyroptonic & Gyrokinesis

Amy is a certified GYROTONIC and GYROKINESIS instructor. She was a professional dancer and discovered the GYROTONIC system years after a career-ending knee injury. GYROTONIC was the only movement discipline that didnít hurt her knee. The fluid, flowing movement of GYROTONIC enabled her to move her knee easier without force, therefore improving her knee function. She gained muscle strength and flexibility and increased fluidity of movement in her whole body.

After this she was hooked and now devotes herself to helping others relieve their pain, strengthen their bodies, and improve their overall movement and well-being.

Amy is one of the few instructors who has completed GYROTONIC training for Golf, Dancers, and Elite Athletes. She has worked with professional dancers, NFL Chicago Bears players, and Chicago Lyric Opera singers. Her instruction is tailored to each clientís individual needs. She has worked with clients from age 12 to age 80, as well as those with different physical disabilities.

Amy was born and raised in the Chicago area and also has a Master's degree in Linguistics.

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